Here’s a parts list of my current desk setup. This was planned to be as flexible as possible: it allows me to quickly switch between my laptop, play games on my PC, and still have enough space to work on various projects. You can find (affiliate) links for each part below.

As parts change they will be moved into a new section.

Desk: Zinus Jennifer 55” in Vanilla x2

The Vanilla color unfortunately sells out immediately. You’ll have to keep an eye out. It also has a magnetic frame, which is important for the magnetic LED strips I made.

Cable Management:

Cabinet: CB2 TPS White File Cabinet

This rolling cabinet fits perfectly under the desk with a few millimeters of clearance. If I didn’t have this cabinet already, I’d consider this one: the Devaise Locking File Cabinet.

LED Strips: Lamomo White Neon Rope Light

I picked this LED strip because its diffused and doesn’t have visible bulbs. It looks nicer, and produces a more consistent light, but the drawback is the color can’t be changed like many other strips. Hopefully as these get more popular smarter versions will come out.

Attachment Parts:

Lamp: Amazlit Desk Lamp With Clamp

This is a clamp-style desk lamp that attaches to the frame of a desk. It’s bright enough for a work light and can change temperatures within a narrow range.

HomeKit Smart Plugs:

Monitor: LG 27GN950-B 27 Inch UHD

This is a new monitor I’m trying out that handles a mix of things well– from video, to programming, design, and gaming. I was previously using a Dell Ultrasharp monitor. If you’re looking for something in the same “general use” cateogry as the Dell, consider the newer Dell U2719DX.




Keyboard: Durgod Hades

A new prebuilt mechanical keyboard I’m still trying out. I have the model with Gateron Yellows, a popular linear switch. I was previously using a Das Keyboard Ultimate 4 with Cherry MX Blues, which served me well.



Mouse: Razer Deathadder v2

A classic, well known wired gaming mouse. Works well and looks clean.

Mousepad: Razer Manticore

A black matte aluminum mousepad. Great material, looks clean and works well.

Speakers: AudioEngine A2+ (Wired)

These are classic, well known computer speakers that sound great for their size. They also support USB audio, which I use to switch between my gaming PC and Mac with a KVM.

Microphone: Thronmax Pulse

This is the best looking microphone I’ve found. It’s not quite as good as my previous mic (the Blue Yeti), but it’s good enough for Zoom calls and Discord while still looking really nice. It also has automatic background-noise reduction, and a few other nice features like that.


Grid Mat: XNM Creations 18x24 Cutting Mat

Technically a self-healing cutting mat, this is a good general work surface for all kinds of projects.