Aaron Ng is working on Hyper: a VTubing avatar platform backed by YCombinator, Amazon Alexa Fund, Two Sigma Ventures, Makersfund, and other great investors. He's advised for early-stage startups (one of which has gone on to become a unicorn) and designed products for companies like CashApp (2014) and Meta (2017). He holds a B.S. in Business with a minor in Computer Science and is co-invetor on three patents.

Aaron's oldest interests revolve around augmenting human intelligence and agency with technology, biological immortality, and the internet as a medium for presence. In particular, his current company Hyper was formed as an exploration around the ways people currently spend time together online (something he spent many of his formative years doing).

This page serves as a partial archive of Aaron's projects. Reach out on X (Twitter) and Instagram.