Aaron Ng



Built out experiments. Focused on new media platforms, biohacking, AI, and mixed reality. Visit my blog to see some of my projects.

Square Cash

At Square I worked on the Cash Team, taking on a multidisciplinary role doing everything from pitching potential partnerships and exploring new businesses, to designing and prototyping new experiences.


At Apple I did contract visual, interaction, and product design work for various tools. I also helped prototype experimental interactions in Objective-C on device.

Chroma for Hue

Chroma is a Mac app I built in 2014 to control my Philips Hue bulbs. It was declared by many to be the best Hue app on any platform. I won’t disagree.


A utility I built for the Mac back in 10.7 to monitor which apps might be using all your CPU. Custom sound design, animations and filters. It held the #1 Top Free spot during the entire week of WWDC 2013.

No Longer Available

Delve Persona

Persona was a web service I built out in 2013 as a place to post about your interests and find like-minded people with the same hobbies. It was a pretty cool idea, but I took it down in 2014 to focus on other ideas.


A social location app I built out in 2012 for iOS5 and Web. It was city-wide ranked sharing, much like how Yik-Yak works today. Post things happening around town and important things get voted up and emerge in everyone’s feeds.

No Longer Available
No Longer Available

Delve Apps

Delve is a name I throw out for a number of apps and services I built out between 2012-2014 totaling close to 600,000 cumulative downloads. It includes various full services like Chartsy, Persona, and smaller apps like Multimon.