Aaron Ng


A new project in consumer social. Reach out for additional information. More public details coming later in 2019.


Flock is a suite of tools for Twitter power-users to search their network for interesting people, see who unfollowed them, and more.

Other Work


Built out experiments. Focused on new media platforms, biohacking, AI, and mixed reality. Visit my blog to see some of my projects.

Square Cash

At Square I worked on the Cash Team, taking on a multidisciplinary role doing everything from pitching potential partnerships and exploring new businesses, to designing and prototyping new experiences.


At Apple I did contract visual, interaction, and product design work for various tools. I also helped prototype experimental interactions in Objective-C on device.

Chroma for Hue

Chroma is a Mac app I built in 2014 to control my Philips Hue bulbs. It was declared by many to be the best Hue app on any platform. I won’t disagree.


A utility I built for the Mac back in 10.7 to monitor which apps might be using all your CPU. Custom sound design, animations and filters. It held the #1 Top Free spot during the entire week of WWDC 2013.

No Longer Available

Delve Persona

Persona was a web service I built out in 2013 as a place to post about your interests and find like-minded people with the same hobbies. It was a pretty cool idea, but I took it down in 2014 to focus on other ideas.


A social location app I built out in 2012 for iOS5 and Web. It was city-wide ranked sharing, much like how Yik-Yak works today. Post things happening around town and important things get voted up and emerge in everyone’s feeds.

No Longer Available
No Longer Available

Delve Apps

Delve is a name I throw out for a number of apps and services I built out between 2012-2014 totaling close to 600,000 cumulative downloads. It includes various full services like Chartsy, Persona, and smaller apps like Multimon.